Tofu Chikuwa


A healthy food created by simple frugality.

Tofu Chikuwa

Chikuwa is usually made of ground fish meat, however there is an unusual type in central and eastern Tottori made with tofu. Momen tofu and ground white fish meat are combined in a ratio of 7:3 and then steamed. The flavor is very delicate, with a mild tofu aroma when you bite into it. It can be eaten on its own or dipped in ginger-soy sauce to accompany a drink, and is a much loved as a household dish, served on special occasions, and as a souvenir. It has grown to such a status that it is one of the top local foods entered in the B1 Grand Prix.

Information provided by : 食のみやこ鳥取県 とりネット

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