Kibinago Ryori


Fresh silver little fish dancing in your mouth. Various ways to enjoy them!

Kibinago Ryori

"Kibinago" is a kind of sardines with a body length of about 8cm. There are various ways to enjoy Kibinago such as Sashimi with sumiso, shioyaki (broiled with salt), tempura, nitsuke, agemono (deep-fried) and soups. "Kikuka dukuri" is a kind of sashimi that is presented to resemble kiku flours, and this is one of the most important traditional local dishes of Kagoshima Prefecture. Since there are plenty of kibinago caught in the area, various dishes of kibinago had locally created. There are also various ways of cooking kibinago depending on the areas, for example in Makurazaki and Tanegashima Island, kibinago is used in Sukiyaki.

Recipi of cuisin

for 4 persons

  • kibinago sashimi1 package

[ A ]

  • tamari shoyuProper quantity
  • komemisoProper quantity
  • karashiProper quantity
  • vinegarProper quantity
  • sugarProper quantity
Remove the head from kibinago by pulling it towards the caudal fin. Remove guts and wash kibinago with cold water.
Open kibinago along the back bone.
Carefully remove the back bone so the flesh will not come off. Remove the dorsal fin.
Cut off the caudal fin.
Mix all the ingredients of A to make sumiso.
Fold each piece of kibinago in half and place on a plate.

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