The "Mimi-gar" only pursued by the firmness of the cartilage and the crunchy food texture


The thing by which "Mimi-gar" is an ear of a pig for local food from Okinawa. Warming over a fire and baking hair of an epidermis, and after treating with the fire, used one makes the one which was boiled or steamed shredding, and is general. Vinegar, bitter orange juice and the marinated food if meeting, by which the hotness is peanut butter are a typical recipe, and the food texture of the cartilage made crunch is pleasant and is the ingredients which also fit a control of liquor. "Mimi-gar" included the collagen much, and when I had the effect on health and beauty culture, you could come now across metropolitan area as well as Okinawa by a historical origin and recent years.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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