Bekkou Sushi / Amber-colored Sushi


Special sushi culture in Oshima; served with green chili instead of Wasabi

Bekkou Sushi / Amber-colored Sushi

A local food in Izu-Oshima called “Bekkou Sushi / Amber-colored Sushi” is made with fish dipped in green chili soy sauce and sweeten-and-vinegared rice. Fish gets in color of amber, and this is the reason of it naming. Normally sea breams and other whitefish such as tuna and bonito from Oshima are used. This unique serving method in warm climate Izu Islands was developed after Meiji and based on the fact that it was hard to get wasabi for sushi there. In Hachijo-jima island, people enjoy another sushi called “Shima Sushi” with chili paste instead of green chili.

Information provided by : Gurutabi


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