Jiri Yaki


It's made easily, and pops, eaten snack from hometown

Jiri Yaki

It was often made child's snack and small noon of the day of a rainy day. The thing by which small noon is a snack at 10:00 and 3:00. The birthplace where flour was dissolved in water loosely is baked, and bean jam of brown sugar and pumpkin is wound and eaten. Egg wasn't put in before, but it's made well lightly now.
A historical origin sizzles, because it's baked, fabric is also called JIRII (loosely) vanity. It's called HEKO baking in the Hita area.

Recipi of cuisin

  • Flour3 cups
  • eggs3
  • Brown sugartablespoon 6
  • Salttablespoon 1/2
Flour, egg and salt are mixed by water and it's dissolved in softness which is about tempura.
I oil a pan, let it run by a ladle, put it in, ring the surface and bake both sides.
I cut brown sugar, give a ride and wind from the end.

Information provided by : The taste of the home / local food which would like to leave it for young men

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