Typical local food from Shinshu transmitted to Ina and Kiso area


When work in a rice field was settled for the time being in the Kami-ina area formerly, relative's people gathered, and a rice dumplings-on-a-stick meeting was held. It hung time slowly and was some time of the fun clear sky when an adult and a child make and eat rice dumplings-on-a-stick by everyone while making small talk. (Than local food from Kami-ina I'd like to introduce from my mother to my daughter)

Recipi of cuisin

for 4 persons

  • Nonglutinous rice4 cup
  • A skewerabout 16

[ Fermented soybean paste dragging of walnuts ]

  • Fermented soybean paste60g
  • walnuts15g
  • Sugar80g
  • Flattering sesame10g
  • Liquora little
Rice is ordinarily cooked.
I slightly brown by charcoal, a frying pan and an electric cooking plate.
If you can cook rice, while being hot, I kill, take a dumpling and round. (The size which is about a ping-pong ball)
This is removed and faired by the style of the rice dumplings-on-a-stick. Each 2 are skewered after I often dampen.
Walnuts are ground up tightly by an earthenware mortar and a blender. (When the green tea and the soy sauce are put in and made a little when ruining by an earthenware mortar, it's easy to grind.)
[Fermented soybean paste dragging of walnuts] is put over a fire together with the material of the quantity. It's mixed until the body sticks.
Charcoal is raised, and, 3., lower baking is done until I become slightly burned.
Fermented soybean paste dragging is put and it's warmed over a fire by charcoal again.

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