Anorifugu Dishes


Standard dishes are tessa, tecchiri, karaage. New innovative dishes are born too

Anorifugu Dishes

Natural pufferfish caugh in and around Anori fishing port that weigh more than 700g are called anorifugu. Standard dishes of pufferish are known as tecchiri that warms you from the center of you body, tessa that can be only made by well trained cooks, teppi that are made from chopped skin, or deep fried karaage. If you order an anorifugu course menu in a restaurant hotel in Anori, different parts of the fish can be enjoyed in various ways such as hiresake, teppi, tessa, or tecchiri. Recently each restaurant is trying their best to invent their own ways of cooking the fish. The best season is from early October to early March.

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