Goshogawara Jusanko Shijimi Shiru Yakisoba


Yakisoba noodles served in tasty shijimi broth soup

Goshogawara Jusanko Shijimi Shiru Yakisoba

“Local production for local consumption” is the theme behind this yakisoba stir-fried noodle dish, using rice flour made from rice produced in Aomori for the noodles, and shijimi Asian clams from Lake Jusan for the soup. The essence of the dish is the tasty soup made with shijimi broth. Why soup for yakisoba, you may wonder, but just give it a try and you will understand the delight. As the chewy noodles kneaded with rice flour are cooked until crisp, they indeed offer a pleasant texture of yakisoba stir-fried noodles. And the delicate yet tasty soup, which is lightly seasoned with salt and a little bit of butter, adds extra flavours to this special dish.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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