Sendai Zuke Don


Sendai’s new specialty full of flavours of the sea

Sendai Zuke Don

Sendai Zuke Don, a rice bowl dish with various seafood marinated in soy sauce-based sauce, was originally invented by Professor Hokkirigawa of the graduate school of Tohoku University. Inspired by Aji no Zuke Don (marinated horse mackerel served over rice) of Oita Prefecture, he made a bowl dish topped with white meat fish Sendai enjoys an abundant supply of. Based on his idea, the Sendai Sushi Restaurant Association developed a recipe “Sendai Zuke Don” in 2009, in hope that this new dish would grow into another specialty of the city in addition to the already famous gyutan beef tougue. Twelve restaurants joined the project, and each of them developed their own Zuke Don, using local fish and vinegared Miyagi rice. Served with various white meat fish, such as left-eye flounder, right-eye flounder, Japanese seaperch, and red sea bream among others, it is a dish full of flavours offered by the local sea.

Information provided by : Gurutabi


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