Mellow gusto of "fisherman dish" by the fisherman who knew everything of a sea


That I say a fisherman dish of Minami-boso "Sangayaki" in a word, "Namero baking". A stickiness as well as vegetables of condiments will put fermented soybean paste in fresh fish, and when I'm patient and bake up hit local food "Namero" carefully, are "Sangayaki" until I go out. Only "Namero" is baked on the iron plate, "Namero" is stuffed into a shell of scallop and ear shell on the net and it's baked. Well, oh, but when the trick to make baking well makes "Namero", beat until a stickiness is taken out sufficiently. Then it'll be the taste of considering the feces and the baking ascent nonesuch soft. Just, "make,", I sometimes call.

Information provided by : Guruatbi

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