Soup from unusual Maguro completed by ink of squid !


The soup completed by ink of squid. One of areas with the Bunka when even the world eats unusual sepia in Okinawa. Though a serving of mouth is a black comb like Haguro, the taste which is very humorous and has its good body receives the eaten landscape. I also call ink of squid "chestnut" and also have the porridge of rice and vegetables called by a porridge of rice and vegetables "chestnut juicy" with the ink of squid.

Recipi of cuisin

for 5 persons

  • Squid (saddle flap squid)500g
  • Pork (lean)200g
  • Njana Hosowabatan200g
  • Katsuo-dashi7 cups
  • Saltteaspoon 2
  • Ink of squid2 bags
A squid takes a foot and cotton out, and washes a bag of ink so as not to kill. A pellicle is torn off and washed, and it's made the strip of paper limit of about 5 cm of length.
Nigana cuts pork into bite-size thin slices, and picks a leaf destination and cuts it properly.
Nigana is laid out in a pot, squid and pork are piled up on it, the stock is added and it's put over a fire.
If it becomes how soft, salt is added including ink of squid, the taste is arranged and it's completed.

Information provided by : Okinawa-ken Marine Products Division circulation of agriculture and forestry and the processing promotion department.


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