The taste transmitted to Higashi Kishu where I got thin and used a little saury of fat


The local food transmitted to Higashi Kishu "saury sushi". The saury which can be passed in this area says that it's suitable for sushi and dried fish because there is little fat. A saury drops a head, takes having within down from a handle in three, does salty taste and pickles cutting into round slices of citron in the vinegar put in. It's a point to pickle and not to pickle time too much in about 40 minutes. After that one, the one which could be put to sleep is wound with rice grains and mustard day and night, and it's finished. The moderately good sour taste and the flavor of the saury are spread in the mouth and are a light aftertaste, and chopsticks are the items I advance carelessly.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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