The soup stock full of sweetness of the onion and flavor of the pike eel harmonizes excellently.


The feature of the place for noted product of pike eel and Awajishima "pike eel opening". Pike eel from Awajishima where I grew up is rubbed in a fast strait from the south in Awajishima to Nushima, and is blessed with rich feed, and is in full swing, also tastes sweet and is also famous as a clipper nationwide though it's light white. Onion made in Awaji which is harvested in the summer when a pike eel meets season is topping material necessary to "pike eel opening". Made soup stock tastes sweet very much and the sweetness puts offal of pike eel in a body of enough onion which spreads and fleshy and plump pike eel and konbu dashi in quantities and spends time carefully, and twines exquisitely. When egg of pike eel is put in when eating, it's in the deeper taste.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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