Nishin Soba (pacific herring noodle)


Nishin soba, you can taste this regional specialty Nishin (pacific herring) in easy manner

Nishin Soba (pacific herring noodle)

Nishin (pacific herring) is a specialty of Esa village in Hokkaido. Migaki Nishin (dried pacific herring) is cooked in sugar and soy sauce and is added on the top of the Soba. Nishin has been caught a lot in Esa village and been sent to Honshu (Japan’s main island) from the time of edo period (1603-1868). When shipped, Nishin were dried in order to be preserved.
When you eat the Nishin soba, you can choose cold soba or hot soba, both ways are popular in Esa village. You can choose it depending on the weather or your health condition, not limited to the season. Nishin Soba is a food for the common people.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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