Served at school lunches, this Kumamoto favorite was actually born in China


Made with plenty of green bean thread noodles and vegetables, the healthy Tai-Pi-En contains pork, prawns, squid, cabbage, carrots, seasonal vegetables and egg. It is served in a chicken or pork broth, and is loved by locals. It originates from Hokkien province in China, and was brought over by migrants during the Meiji period (1868-1912) and has since been modified to suit Japanese tastes. It can be found at Chinese restaurants across Kumamoto and the flavors come in soy sauce, salt or pork bone. It can even be purchased in ‘instant noodle’ form now.

Recipi of cuisin

for 1 persons

  • Green bean noodle120g
  • Chinese cabbage1 leaf
  • Beansproutone bunch
  • Carrot2 slices
  • Bamboo shoot2 slices
  • Wood ear fungus2 slices
  • Mushroom2
  • Straw mushroom2
  • Prawn1
  • Squid1 piece
  • Fish cake2 piece
  • Pork2 slices
  • Deep fried egg1/2
  • Coriandersmall bunch
  • Chicken stock500cc
  • Lard5g
  • Sesame oilsmall amount
  • Oilsmall amount

[ A ]

  • Saltsmall amount
  • Peppersmall amount
Place little oil in pan. Fry pork, Chinese cabbage, and bean sprouts. Add soup and boil further minute.
Add squid and prawn to ① and cook briefly. Remove.
Add all ingredients (except for squid, prawn fish cake, deep fried egg and lard) to ②. Boil for a minute and add A.
Place ③ in serving bowl. Add squid, prawn, fish cakes and deep fried egg on top. Sprinkle with sesame oil and coriander.

Information provided by : 農山漁村の郷土料理百選

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