Namie Yakisoba


Namie’s all-time favourite - inexpensive and tasty yakisoba with extra thick noodle

Namie Yakisoba

Namie Yakisoba, a local specialty stir-fried noodle of the coastal town of Namie in the east of Fukushima Prefecture, was originally invented about 50 years ago as an inexpensive and satisfying dish for the local people. Known for its thick noodle (2-4mm, which is three times thicker than ordinary yakisoba noodle), Namie Yaksoba is cooked with bean sprouts and pork in a rich sauce. Because this filling stir-fried noodle is so simple, it is not easy at all to achieve the desired taste and flavour. The local specialty requires carefully selected ingredients, thorough preparation, masterful stir-frying skills, excellent serving, and of course, good service to the customers.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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