Tori Motsu Ramen


“Ramen of love”

Tori Motsu Ramen

Tori motsu chicken offal ramen has been popular among the locals for over forty years in Shinjo area, where people have traditionally raised chicken and had the custom of eating chicken offal meat for festive occasions. Motsu-ni, simmered chicken offal meat, became a popular dish at bars, and the locals came up with the idea to add it to the bowl of chicken broth ramen, which was their favourite to finish their night out with. The rich taste of motsu-ni and the delicate soup seasoned with soy sauce create a perfect balance of flavours. It is served at ten restaurants in and around Shinjo City and Mogami Town. As the pronunciation of tori motsu also means matchmaking in Japanese, it is also known as the “ramen of love”.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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