Ako Soba Noodles


Ako’s brand soba made of the local soba flour

Ako Soba Noodles

Ako Soba is a brand soba made in a historical city of Banshuako, which is known for “Chushingura.” The soba made in around Chikusa River area called “Chigusa Gawa no Hana (Flowers of Chigusa River)” is a registered brand, and the soba is always served fresh by boiling fresh kneaded soba made of stone-ground soba flour. In the cold winter time, the soba is sometimes served with shred Akou Negi on top, and this is called Akou Negi Shio (salt) soba noodles.The most popular soba dishes in winter is Oyster soba and Oyster tempura soba, and Octopus tempura soba is popular in summer.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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