Kobe beef steak


High-grade "Kobe beef" steak

Kobe beef steak

Kobe beef steak flavored with salt and pepper, cooked on an iron griddle, which comes with steak sauce if you prefer. Kobegyu (Kobe beef) is high-grade meat of "Tanbagyu" and only meats that meet strict criteria can be certified as Kobegyu. The history of Kobegyu started when a British merchant opened a meat shop in Kobe in 1868. The definition of Kobegyu was established in 1983, and its name is known throughout Japan and referred as high-grade beef since then.

Recipi of cuisin

for 1 persons

  • Kobegyu sirloin steak200g
  • saltas needed
  • pepperas needed
  • mushroomsas needed
  • spinachas needed
  • onionsas needed
  • carrotsas needed
  • butteras needed

[ A ]

  • Sesame oil1/2 teaspoon
  • canola oil1/2 teaspoon

[ If preferred ]

  • garlic chipsas needed
  • ponzu, negias needed
  • garlic sauceas needed
Remove fat from the meat, season the both sides with salt and pepper. Sautee mushrooms and spinach with butter. Slice onions and soak them in water. Cut carrots into bite-size pieces and boil.
Put on an iron griddle, cook the removed fat at low to medium heat. Put the meat on and grill the both surfaces at low to medium heat.
Grill the sides.
Cut into small pieces and put on a plate with the vegetables. Eat with garlic chips and sauce if preferred.

Information provided by : 農山漁村の郷土料理百選

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