It tastes much better than it looks. A dish for cold winter with a taste of the Edo.


Kantoudaki is actually as same as Oden, which is cooked in shoyu-flavored dashi originated in the Edo Period, and is also called "Kantoni." There are several stories for the origin of the name, and one says it was named "Kantoudaki" so it will not be mixed up with "Dengaku" which was then called "Oden" and the other says it was named after a Chinese dish "Canton-ni." The name, Kantoudaki, is very popular in the Kansai area though not many people in the Kanto are familiar with it. Kantodaki was born when Koikuchishoyu was invented, and thus it is very distinctive in the dark color of dashi soup. Though it looks pretty dark, it is pretty light and tasty. As its names tells, it has some ingredients from the Kanto area to enjoy, such as Hampen, steamed fish paste, and Chikuwabu, flour paste cake.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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