Katsuo Ramen


A newly born local delicacy that Makurazaki City known as "a city of bonito" proudly promotes.

Katsuo Ramen

"Katsuo (bonito) Ramen" made with plenty of "katsuobushi" which is a local delicacy of Makurazaki City in Kagoshima Prefecture. The soup is made with "hongarebushi" which is the highest grade of katsuobushi that makes a soup with a rich flavor and aroma of bonito. You can enjoy the soup of light but rich flavors to the full until the last drop of it. Some restaurants use chicken broth and vegetables for making the soup, and there are various flavors of Katsuo ramen at different restaurants. The toppings for the ramen are also made with bonitos from Makurazaki City, and various toppings such as shoyu marinated fresh katsuo, tatsuta age, or tempura are topped on the ramen depending on the restaurants.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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