Abura Soba / Greasy Soba


Once you try it, you will be addicted! 

Soup-less ramen (noodle) is popular in Tama area

Abura Soba / Greasy Soba

Born in Musashino city, soup-less ramen (noodle) “Abura Soba / Greasy Soba” is popular in Tama area. Once people try warm noodle tossed/mixed with sauce, many of them get addicted. Mostly starting with soy-based sauce, but you can enjoy the changes of tastes along with different seasonings along the way/while eating. Among wide variety of toppings are sliced leek, garlic, egg, roasted pork fillet and Chinese bamboo shoots (bamboo shoots boiled, sliced, fermented, dried or preserved in salt, then soaked in hot water and sea salt). Normally it is rather a thick ramen as associated from its name.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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