Futten Suresure Bottara


Kawaguchi specialty Bottara is now served as a fast food which you can enjoy by one hand.

Futten Suresure Bottara

“Bottara” has been loved by the locals of Kawaguchi for decades. It is just like “Monjayaki” which is a cuisine cooked on the hot plate by pouring the liquid and ingredients and eaten with special spatula. This “Futten Suresure Bottara” is a easier version which you can eat it by one hand. This new fast food, locally grown vegetables and Kawaguchi specialty Miso and Curry are staffed in inside of thin dough. “Futten” means a boiling point. Because Kawaguchi is a city of a casting metal and has a blast furnace chimney (a cupola). This cupola and hot soul of the citizens gave them a inspiration for this name.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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