Yokote Yakisoba


Local favourite served with a sunny-side up egg and Fukujinzuke pickled vegetables

Yokote Yakisoba

The thick, straight noodles are stir-fried with cabbage and minced pork, or offal meat sometimes, and seasoned with a somewhat sweet sauce. To be called Yokote Yakisoba, it must be topped with a sunny-side up egg and served with Fukujinzuke pickled vegetables. It is said to have originated in Yokote City, Akita Prefecture around 1950, when a local Yakisoba restaurant owner and a noodle company developed the recipe together. It quickly became a popular dish among the locals for its savoury taste and affordable price. In July 2001, a group of local restaurants launched a campaign “Yokote Yakisoba Norenkai” to promote Yokote Yakisoba and revitalise the region with the dish. The group has introduced the noodles at various events in Japan, succeeding in making Yokote Yakisoba recognised and popular all over the country.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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