Wild Boar Ramen (Nimi Ramen)


A unique bowl of Nimi with roasted pork fillet made from rare wild boar

Wild Boar Ramen (Nimi Ramen)

Wild boar cuisines such as botan nabe have been eaten by local people of Nimi since long ago, as the area has many wild boars. People came up with the idea of making the wild boar a local specialty, and this is how wild boar ramen was born. Serious damages to farm products had been made by wild boars, and more and more wild boars were caught every year. Wild boar ramen was developed by the youth group of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nimi city as a project to revitalize the city. It is a unique ramen with roasted pork fillet carefully made from wild boar brought up in the mountains and fields of Nimi.

Information provided by : gurutabi

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