Gosen satoimo men


Local noodles with a very unique texture made with satoimo

Gosen satoimo men

Gosen City has been a big producer of satoimo. "Kinuotome" is a famous variety obtained by the breed improvement which has less sliminess and white flesh. Noodles made with satoimo were invented by an association of restaurants in Gosen City "Gosen Restaurant Association" as a delicacy of the city, and "satoimo men" was released in December in 2010. The very first 1000 servings prepared for the trial marketing were sold out within 10 days, and it has become a popular delicacy that is very unique with "chewy texture" and "sliminess." It has become a product available all year round in March 2011, and it is still a very popular food today.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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