Hamokawa chikuwa


A very rare delicacy made with hamo, known by only a few locals.

Hamokawa chikuwa

"Hamokawa chikuwa" is made with hamo that is a local product of Ananshi, Tokushima Prefecture, and it is a very rare delicacy only few local people know about. The skin of the high-grade fish, hamo, is wrapped around a gamboo stick, coated with a sauce made with soy sauce and mirin, and grilled over charcoal. The skin is rich in collagen, and also chondroitin that prevents aging. It has a chewy texture, and each bite gives you a rich flavor of hamo. The standard way of eating it is squeezing sudachi over freshly grilled hamokawa chikuwa, or cutting hamo chikuwa into thin slices and mixing them with ponzu.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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