Tomato happy fried gyoza


Sourness of Tomato, texture of Danshaku potato and Umami of the pork are the best combinations

Tomato happy fried gyoza

Tomato happy fried gyoza utilizes the good taste of tomato without loosing the flavor and mix that into Gyoza to create exquisite flavor. Kitamoto city has started to cultivate Tomato before anybody in Taisho era (1879 to 1926). Though they started to export tomato seeds, however the export business didn’t take off. They have produced Tomato cream as a processed product, it became very popular thanks to the European food boom during that time. Having this as a Kitamoto’s history, the local produce support committee has invited public to participe in the recipe contest, and developed this food with the support of producers. This dish futures tomato grown in Kitamoto, danshaku potato and nationally grown pork, and limits amount of flour used for the dough to less than 45%.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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