Okhotsk Kitami Shio Yakisoba


Simply seasoned with salt to enhance the taste of Kitami’s fresh ingredients

Okhotsk Kitami Shio Yakisoba

Okhotsk Kitami Shio Yakisoba fried noodles were developed to attract more visitors to Kitami City, which faces the Sea of Okhotsk, using the region’s specialty ingredients: callops and onions. The dish is simply seasoned with salt to best bring out the taste of these ingredients. In February 2007, a joint council to further promote the yakisoba was established, defining the basic rules for the participants to follow, such as that the noodles must be made from flour produced in Hokkaido, and that the yakisoba must use Okhotsk scallops and Kitami onions.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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