Yamanashi Croquette


A croquette with plenty of Yamanashi ingredients inside.

Yamanashi Croquette

“Yamanashi croquette”was invented by a soba noodles restaurant founded in 1966 called Kikuya. It is a unique deep fried croquette filled with ‘hoto’, a local cuisine of Yamanashi. The cooking procedure starts from cooking ‘hoto’ with noodles, pumpkins, taro, mushrooms and pork. It is made with a lot of effort by deep frying it after the hoto cools down. It is also called “Nashikoro”. Some have cheese inside, and is popular with its melting deep taste of the cheese as you give a bite to it. Try the “Yamanashi Croquette Don (rice bowl)” with 3 croquettes if you are super hungry.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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