Towada Bara Yaki


Tasty and energising dish of beef and onions

Towada Bara Yaki

This is Towada City’s specialty dish made by grilling thin slices of beef marinated in a soy sauce-based, sweet and spicy sauce, with plenty of sliced onions on an iron pan, until the onions are light brown. It was first made in neighbouring Misawa City back in the 1950’s, and later became established in Towada, where it is now cooked at home and served at restaurants. A group of local people known as “Bara Yaki Seminar”, uniquely dressed in a costume from a famous Japanese manga character, have been promoting the dish to attract more visitors to the area. Now that the special marinating sauce developed by this group is available, the real Towada Bara Yaki can easily be made at your kitchen, too.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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