Kokutan Burger


The black bun will give you an impression. Fried sawara and tartar sauce make an amazing combination

Kokutan Burger

“Kokutan burger” is a local burger of Kyotango, Kyoto. The buns with rice powder and bamboo charcoal powder kneaded inside have a springy texture, and the black appearance will be a surprise. Between the buns there are fragrant deep fried Spanish mackerel, vegetables like tomatoes and homemade tartar sauce, creating a greatly balanced flavor. The ingredients are all carefully selected, with Special A-ranked Koshihikari brand used for rice powder, the Spanish mackerel caught in Tango where they have the largest produce in Japan for the fried fish, and local unprocessed nori seaweed is mixed within the tartar sauce. It is a burger of good value where one can enjoy all the delicious things of Tango at once.

Information provided by : gurutabi

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