Kawajima Gojiru


This traditional regional food, which all the nutrients of soy beans grown in Japan is concentrated, will keep you young and beautiful

Kawajima Gojiru

Gojiru is a soup form of ground soy beans. These soy beans are grown in Japan and soy beans is rich in many nutrition. This local food was almost lost because of the inconvenience of preparing for this dish and small family issue, but it was revived by Kawashimacho as a part of local revitalization project which aimed to pass down the regional food culture. It was introduced to a new generation as a Kawajima Gojiru. Imogara, a farming vilage preserved food with briskly texture and several other vegetable are added to a ground soy beans soup and cooked it in either an iron pot or in an earthenware pot. Nutrients are condensed and Umami is increased in this soup. It is good for health and beauty and recommended for those who are sensitive to the cold.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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