Suruga Don


Seafood rice bowl with endless possibilities

Suruga Don

A rice bowl topped with seafood from the Suruga Bay including whitebait, sakura shrimp, tuna, as well as other fresh fish caught around Shimizu, Yui, and Kanbara. Two types of white fleshed fish are used, but the exact type depends on the catch of the day, meaning there are endless combinations. Sakura shrimp are caught between October and December, making this prime season.
White fish can vary from common types such as ma-aji (Japanese horse mackerel) and madai (snapper) to deep sea delicacy skilfish and even some fish you may have never heard of such as kihachi and choka. While the regular Suruga Don features the three colors of tuna, whitebait and sakura shrimp, Maguro-kan in Minato-cho has a specialty with five colors.

Information provided by : Gurutabi


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