Jingo Yaki


Charcoal-grilled rice ball garnished with savoury miso paste

Jingo Yaki

Jingo Yaki is a mountain-shaped rice ball on a bamboo skewer garnished with special miso called Ju-ne Miso made with egoma perilla seeds. Ju-ne is the regional name for perilla seeds, and since it sounds like ‘ten years’ in Japanese, the locals have said that if you eat them you will live ten years longer. In the old days, the people of Shiobara area in the prefecture used to offer Jingo Yaki to their mountain gods and goddesses. At local restaurants, it is often prepared and served over an irori fireplace. One of them, Miyajima Tsuribori-en, serves Jingo Yaki made with ingredients it produces on its farm, including the charcoal for the fireplace. It is a simple, yet appetising dish with the savoury flavour of the grilled miso paste.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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