The local food by which the Nara-ken Miwa foot of a mountain is origination for "Nyu-men"


Nyu-men is the dish which eats Japanese vermicelli with warm soup stock, and it's learned about nationwide, but the local food by which Nara-ken is origination. Japanese vermicelli is the method introduced from a country in the Tang (China) in Nara era, and the place where Miwa foot of a mountain in the center of Japan is occurrence, the historical origin and present are also famous as Minowa Japanese vermicelli from Miwa legend of a myth. When it's written by a kanji, it'll be "boiling noodles", but Nyu-men boiled Japanese vermicelli as the letter, and summer cools winter warmly, and displays a seasonal topping to the top. Some dry things of the tiger cub which has passed in the Minowa Japanese vermicelli made in a prefecture for more than 1 year from production (a day, thing) are suitable for Nyu-men.

Information provided by : ぐるたび

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