Satsuma shiru


A representative of the local dishes of Kagoshima which was born in the Edo Period.

Satsuma shiru

The name "Satsuma" came from "Satsuma chicken" that is used for this dish. Cockfighting was occasionally taken place in the period of Bushi Shimazu to boost the morale of Satsuma. Chicken that lost the fighting was cooked in misoshiru, and it is known as the origin of Satsuma shiru. Soup made with lots of ingredients like meat and vegetables is very nutritious and less salt is needed to season. Pork is also used for Satsuma shiru today.

Recipi of cuisin

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  • chicken thighs60g
  • dried shiitake mushrooms10g
  • kikurage5g
  • konnyaku50g
  • gobou50g
  • daikon50g
  • pumpkin100g
  • carrots30g
  • satoimo50g
  • age tofu50g
  • negi10g

[ Seasonings ]

  • oilProper quantity
  • dashi (the water from dehydrating shiitake mushrooms and water)4 cups
  • miso50g
  • sakelittle
  • sugarlittle
Cut chicken into bite-size pieces.
Soak dried shiitake mushrooms in water to dehydrate. Cut into slices. Keep the water for dashi.
Put oil in a pot, and cook chicken, kikurage and shiitake mushrooms, then add all the other ingredients one by one except negi, starting with tough vegetables such as konnyaku, bobou, daikon, pumpkin and the rest.
Add dashi to 3. and simmer for a while.
Once the vegetables are cooked, add miso, sugar and sake to taste, and put negi at last.

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