Tsutsugawa Soba


“Tsutsukawa soba”, an orthodox handmade specialty of Tsutsukawa with the fragrant of original soba

Tsutsugawa Soba

Soba (buckwheat) is commonly grown in Tsutsugawa, the mountainous area of Ine cho, located at the northernmost end of Tango peninsula, Kyoto. Firm, high-quality soba is grown because of the abundant subsoil water and the temperature difference within a day. Soba used to be made in general households a long time ago, but nowadays it is rare to see, and an effort has been made to preserve the culture by the “Tsutsugawa Soba Association”. “Tsutsugawa soba” is a soba which a special effort has been made to bring out fragrance of the original soba. The kind of soba is those of which have been grown since long ago, and by making soba powder with a stone mill and mixing the soba husk together, the soba tastes the same as it did at old times.

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