The most popular local nabe (hot pot) of Hokkaido. Hearty taste of salmon and seasonal vegetables.


This is one of the local nabe in Hokkaido, and it is also called “Tokachinabe” in Obihiro area in Hokkaido. Salmon fishing has long been active in Ishikari area since the Edo Period, and Ishikarinabe was originated as a rewarding meal, fresh salmon nabe for the fishermen when they caught a large amount of salmons. This nabe is cooked and seasoned very simply with fresh chopped salmons meats and “ara (bones, head and fins), vegetables such as cabbage and onions, and miso for the seasoning. Since winter this area is quite hard and freezing, there are many dishes using miso which warms up one’s body, and Ishikarinabe is a typical winter dish in Hokkaido.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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