A pleasant dish of "Kamo (duck)" a traditional luxury foodstuff of Kaga


"Jibu" is a delicacy of Kanazawa City in Ishikawa Prefecture cooked with the traditional foodstuff, duck meat. Duck has been a luxury foodstuff in Kaga Area, and it was a gift presented to the Shogunate in the old times. Chibunabe is made with duck cooked in shoyu flavored dashi, and other ingredients such as root vegetables, tofu, and sudare-fu made in Kaga is an important ingredient as well, and wasabi is used as a condiment. Duck is coated with flour before cooked, and this is what is different from Kamonabe. The flour coating keeps in the rich flavor of duck, and it also gives a smooth texture. The flavor of duck spreads into your mouth with a bite. To serve Jibunabe with fatty ducks, most of the restaurants serve Jibunabe only between November and February when duck are in season.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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