Tanada Nabe


A nabe with thick soup that warms up your body and heart.

Tanada Nabe

"Tanadanabe" is a new style nabe served at eight ryokans in the Matsuyama Onsen area. The uniquely thick soup made of omoyu is made with "Koshihikari rice from Uonuma" cultivated in tanada paddles. Two other main ingredients for the nabe are "daikon oroshi", representing snow on tanada, and "Komeko sembei" made of the rice. The thick soup is well mixed with the ingredients, and warms up your body thus Tanadanabe is a perfect dish for winter. A heap of daikonoroshi topped on the nabe helps discharging excess fat and digesting food, and this is also a very healthy dish for people who prefer healthy foods.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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