Don Don Yaki


New version of okonomiyaki served on chopsticks

Don Don Yaki

Don Don Yaki, a Japanese savoury pancake with various ingredients, is a modified version of Monjayaki of Tokyo to make it suitable to take home. This Yamagata-style Don Don Yaki popular in Murayama area is added an extra touch of convenience – it is served rolled around a pair of chopsticks so that it is easy and convenient on the go. It was invented around 1938 by a person named Kamekichi Oba, who rolled the pancake around a piece of wood stick. Others who learnt how to make Don Don Yaki found it difficult to roll it around a single, thin stick, so they used two sticks, or a pair of flat, disposable chopsticks. Soy sauce was commonly used as the topping sauce, but was gradually replaced by thick and sweet sauce as it became more popular among people.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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