With an aroma like cheese and unique flavor. You might get addicted once you taste it.


One of the local traditional foods of Wakayama Prefecture. It is said that Sabanonarezushi has a long history of over 800 years, and it has been a special dish for autumn festivals and local events in the Arita and Hidaka areas, and the cooking technique has been also passed down for generations. Saba is put on sushi rice, then wrapped with Ase leave, packed into sushioke, pressed with a weight, and left for 4 days before eating. "Honnaresushi" is considered as a delicacy which is fermented and its surface is slightly covered with mold, and it has a unique aroma and flavor. "Hayanarezushi" is more common and light flavored, thus easier if trying for the first time, and local people eat it with Chinese noodles. There are aslo Narezushi made with Ayu and Sanma in Wakayama Prefecture.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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