Kanburi Ryouri


Various kinds of dishes from staple home cooking to a popular dish of restaurants, shabushabu.

Kanburi Ryouri

A nationally well-known brand of fish called "Himi no Kamburi" can be enjoyed in various flavors and tastes depending on how it is cooked. The best way of eating it is, of course, "sashimi." Very fresh sashimi has a chewy and sort of crunchy texture and its rich flavor spreads in the mouth. "Buridaikon" is also a delicious dish of buri and daikon which soaks the rich flavor of buri, and this is a popular dish made at home. "Burishabu" recently drew attention to the public. This is a kind of nabe, and by dipping thinly sliced buri in a pot of dashi for a few seconds, the excess fat is removed and the flavor of buri is emphasized. Each restaurant has its unique dipping sauce such as ponzu and sesame seeds sauce, and some restaurants also serve a pot made with soymilk, it will be fun to compare different types of burishabu at various restaurants.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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