Shippoku Udon


An idea to enjoy udon noodles during winter

Shippoku Udon

Shippoku udon is a way of eating udon noodles during autumn and winter, when the winds become cold. It is a winter representative local specialty of Sanuki. Various kinds of seasonal vegetables are cooked together with the soup, and they are poured over the udon. Some families eat them on new year’s eve instead of toshikoshi soba.

Recipi of cuisin

  • udon4 servings
  • white radish300g
  • carrot150g
  • tofu1/2
  • deep fried tofu1 1/2
  • spring onions5
  • light soy sauce60cc
  • dashi5 cups
Cut white radish and carrots into fine strips. Boil deep fried tofu briefly in hot water and cut into fine strips.
Cut spring onions into 3-4cm long. Cut tofu in 7mm squares.
Boil the dashi. Add white radish, carrot, deep fried tofu, boil for a while and add tofu. Add soy sauce. Add spring onion and turn off the heat.
Warm the udon noodles and place them in a bowl. Pour (3) over the noodles.
Green vegetables such as shungiku (chrysanthemum coronarium) can be added.

Information provided by : kagawaken nouseisuisanbu nougyokeieika

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