Bu-En suchi


A while plethora of vinegar cured fish for this luxurious dish!

Bu-En suchi

Bu-En refers means ‘no salt’ and refers to the fresh fish in this dish being cured by vinegar only with no salting process. The fish is mixed with rice and has a sweetness to it, that is so prevalent in teh cooking of the Amakusa region of Kumamoto. The most revered traditional food the Matsushima district is Bu-En sushi made with snapper, sea bream and gizzard shad caught locally. It is a must-serve dish at weddings and other celebrations.

Recipi of cuisin

for 15 persons

  • Rice1 large bowl
  • Raw fish(Snapper, goby etc…)500-700g
  • Vinegar dressingVinegar 220cc/ Sugar 260g/ Salt 30g

[ Mixing ingredients ]

  • Dried shiitake6
  • Carrot1
  • Burdock1
  • Dried daikon30-40g
  • Sesamesmall amount

[ A ]

  • Soy sauce1/2cup
  • Sugar30g
  • SakeSmall amount

[ B ]

  • Vinegar1/2cup
  • Sugar80g
  • Gingersmall amount
  • Spring onion:Small amountsmall amount
Wash rice and leave for 30 minutes. Cook in same amount of water.
Slice carrots and burdock. Chop up shiitake and daikon.
Season mixing ingredients with A. Boil down together.
Prepare fish. Leave skin on and slice into bite size portions. Use 20g of salt to cure the fish for 1-2 hours.
After which, place fish in B and allow to cure further. (Fish should go white due to reaction with vinegar)
Make sushi rice by adding vinegar mix while hot. Add mixing ingredients and mix.
When 5 cools down add fish slices and mix with rice. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Information provided by : Kumamoto prefecture village building association


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