Gimami tofu


The food texture which was chilly and was made MOTCHIRI and TORORI!

Gimami tofu

The thing by which SHIMAMI is "place beans" and peanuts. To pour sauce of a sugar soy sauce base over it, general. Even if it's cooled by mixing TABIOKA powder and sweet potato starch, softness with the stickiness is left just as it is, the, it's chilly and is the menu with the popular food texture made TORORI.

Recipi of cuisin

for 5 persons

  • A cup of raw peanuts1 cup
  • Potato waste1/2-3/4 cup ( Tapioca powder 8: potatoes)
  • Water3 cups

[ Kake soup ]

  • Soup stock1/4 cups
  • Sweet rice cooking winetablespoon 1
  • Soy saucetablespoon 1and1/2
  • Grated gingerSuitable
Skin is peeled after raw peanuts are put in water for a while.
The peanuts of 1 which are so are hung on a blender with 2 cups of water. If it becomes liquid, it's filtered by a washcloth and it's squeezed hard.
Potato waste is dissolved in a cup of remaining water and straining is let through.
In a thick pot 2. It's mixed including the juice and 3. which are so and it's put over a fire. Often it's built up and it's mixed while deciding to make the fire stronger and rub bottom of a pan by a comb by a tree little. If it's hardening, I turn the heat to medium.
I forge for about 40 minutes while mixing by a comb by a tree all the time. It's built up, degree, for, a stickiness goes out to milky liquid, feeling of the transparency goes out with TEPOTTA RI, to the extent, suitable. Bottom of a pan is rubbed with comb with tree, and if I come to see the bottom quickly, heat is turned off.
I let 5 run readily into the container let run (steel tray or mugs, etc.), put it in, cool naturally and strengthen.
If 6 hardening, it's taken out of the container, it's cut into the favorite size, it's dished up, grated ginger is given a ride and run soup together with the seasoning is poured from the neighborhood.

Information provided by : Okinawa-ken Marine Products Division circulation of agriculture and forestry and the processing promotion department


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