Kiji Nabe


A nutritious and well-balanced healthy dish! Hotpot is the best to enjoy the fressness!

Kiji Nabe

Kiji nabe (pheasant hotpot) is a dish of Kiwacho which uses pheasants raised in an outdoor farm of 1ha big. The light taste with little fat is the characteristic. The hotpot can be enjoyed in winter as its best, and when adding the pheasant meat and vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, spring onions or carrots in the soup made of bonito and kelp, the softness and fragrant of the pheasant meat make it a special
dish. Compared to chicken, pheasant meat has more protein and less fat. Its calories are as half, but has more minerals (esp. phosphorus and potassium) and amino acid. It will make it a very balanced dish when eating with vegetables and grains.

Information provided by : gurutabi


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