Okinawa Oden


Surprising ingredients in Okinawa for this nationwide popular dish

Okinawa Oden

There is Oden (Fish dumplings and various other ingredients stewed in a thin soy soup and served hot) even in Okinawa. There are special restaurant for Oden and even convenient stores serve throughout whole prefecture. But Oden in Okinawa is different from other regions. Main ingredient of the Okinawan Oden is pork legs which are called Tebichi. The beauty of this dish is in slow cooked Tebichi. Broth of Oden is with Soki bones (pork ribs) and is flavored just with salt. Sausage is also included in the oden and broth boiled greens such as bok choi, lettuce and mustard leaves are added on the side. USA made mustard is normally used as a condiment. There are also Oden noodles with the pork broth of this Oden.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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