Different from Hiroshima style! A unique kind of Okonomiuyaki in the Osaka style.


"Modanyaki" is a unique kind of an Osaka style Okonomiyaki cooked with Yakisoba in it. Okonomiyaki with Yakisoba is usually referred as "Hiroshimafu-okonomiyaki," however, Modanyaki is cooked in a different way. Hiroshimafu-okonomiyaki is cooked by making layers of flour batter, yakisoba and pork, so each flavor and layer never get mixed, while Modanyaki is cooked by mixing and grilling okonomiyaki batter and yakisoba all together. Modanyaki is still Osaka styled Okonomiyaki but with Yakisoba in it. Of course, both of Hiroshimafu-okonomiyaki and Modanyaki are very tasty.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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